Engineering and training


Advance Energy and Engineering EOOD provides total engineering services and offers wide-range of industrial energy equipment, such as industrial compressors, diesel engine generators, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, pumps, expanders and other products applicable to various industry sectors.

Systems for introduction of natural light in buildings (Solarspot® systems image)


Natural light plays a very important role for people. It increases comfort of human working and living environment, confidence and performance of each individual. Deprivation of natural light for a long time or an insufficient amount can lead to depression and the ultraviolet radiation of light is necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D in the human organism. Exposure to natural light significantly improve sleep by making it – healthy and long. Moreover sleep, exposure to light can help improve both mood and cognitive functions.

Through the systems for introduction of natural light, clients are given the opportunity to take advantage of the inexhaustible energy of the sun, which proves to be the primary source for energy and environmental efficiency solutions.

There are several reasons to choose the tubular daylighting systems for the introduction of natural light in our home:

  • The most effective and economical way of delivering natural light in every room
  • The system helps to protect the environment by saving energy
  • Daylight adds comfort, reaching even to any part of the indoor space, regardless of the location of the sun
  • Installation of the light guide system is fast and easy, does not require structural changes
  • Support system virtually absent
  • Can be reconfigured at any time, so as to provide optimal lighting
  • The system can serve multipurpose, when equipped with an additional module for electrical lighting and a dimming module

Design and implementation of lighting systems


Advance Energy and Engineering offers design and implementation services for street lighting, tunnel lighting, and special lighting systems such as:

  • Decorative lighting
  • Advertising lighting
  • Interior and exterior architectural lighting
  • Illumination of monuments and characteristic elements of the facades of buildings
  • Highlighting bridges, pools, parks
  • Design lighting of museums and art galleries
  • Advertising lighting
  • Stage Lighting

Design of Electrical Installations


Advance Energy and Engineering offers design and installation of electrical systems for building low-voltage (1000 V) and power supply low voltage (1000 V) for industrial purposes.

Advance Energy and Engineering offers the management and execution of various electrical system projects.

Transport and delivery


MEP Paint


MEP Korea develops since 1998 environmentally friendly anti-fouling paint. The company has multiple certifications and holds a patent for its technology. MEP KOREA is part of Advance International Group. The products offered by the company are innovative and of exceptional quality – does not contain copper (Cu) and tin (Sn) and has no negative impact on the marine environment.  The technology used has great prospects for development, because this type of anti-fouling paint is and will be necessary for each fleet and shipyard.


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