“Advance Security Solution” EOOD is a Bulgarian company that offers intelligent solutions and comprehensive services for the security and comfort of the living environment – home, office, car parks, administrative and sports buildings or the environment.

In line with global trends, “Advance Security Solution” EOOD works for the development and enforcement of technological solutions, providing comfort, security and resource efficiency in the use of so-called “smart buildings”.  This type of decision is not a luxury, but a necessity that enhances the quality of life, with thought and care for the nature. The smart use of any building or facility enables the reduction of costs for consumed energy, while simultaneously increasing the comfort and quality of life.

“Advance Security Solution” is the first company in the Republic of Bulgaria authorized to provide equipment and complete solutions from the product range of some of the leading companies in the field of building automation and security, natural lighting and road and urban safety – solutions based on years of research and considerable expertise.

Together with “Advance Energy and Engineering” EOOD we are part of the family of “Advance Group”, an international company, founded in Britain in 1963. The company has offices in London, Moscow, Houston, Istanbul, Mersin, Sofia, Varna, Seoul, Baku, Almaty, Astana, Prague, Gdansk and Constanta.

Advance Group has implemented a number of major high-tech projects in South Korea, the US, Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union. The aim of “Advance Security Solution” is to transfer this experience in Bulgaria and the European Union and countries in the Balkans.

Where are our services and solutions needed?

Our services are needed in all types of buildings and sites; in the urban environment – vehicles, streets, parks, stadiums, sports halls. We also offer solutions for monitoring, control and effective management of natural sites and protected areas, as well as solutions in the field of border control.

Global network


Almaty, Aktau, Astana, Astara, Ashgabat, Baghdad, Baku, Basra, Burgas, Busan, Constanta, Dnepropetrovsk, Dohuk, Dushanbe, Gdansk, Hopa, Iskenderun, Istanbul, Izmir, London, Mersin, Moscow, Najaf, Poti, Seoul, Sofia, USA, Tashkent, Tokyo, Turkmenbashi, Varna, Umm Qasr, Zakhu



24 Simeonovsko shose Blvd., fl. 4, apt. 21,
1700 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 2 400 51 00
Advance International is your reliable business partner in the field of state-of-the-art technologies. Our products give you access to the best solutions for achieving control, comfort and maximum efficiency of the living environment.