Smart Home

Internet of thingsThe development of Smart Home solutions is based on the concept of the Internet of Things (or IoT). This high-tech platform seeks to unite all devices, systems and services together to achieve maximum efficiency and comfort of our living and working environment. Currently the use of smart technology in most homes is very limited (usually to the entertainment system, when available).

The team of Advance Security Solution believes that the future belongs to the Smart Home. Essentially the Smart Home solution is an automation system, which through a combination of software and hardware supervise all important parameters and functions of a home, office or any other building. Totally wrong is the idea that this system is expensive and an unnecessary luxury. The three components that characterize Smart Home are comfort, security and energy efficiency. Besides convenience, the system ensures security in a much more efficient way than the classical methods, furthermore it decreases energy consumption markedly.

Through the integration of such a system, a reduction of up to 20% energy costs can be achieved. Smart Home is a shining example of how technology can help us live in harmony with nature by saving its resources. All these considerations would not matter if the technology was too expensive. Thanks to our partners „Advance Security Solution” is able to offer a wide range of products that meet precisely the needs of each customer, without compromising on quality and reliability. The system is modular and extremely flexible and can be initially constructed with a basic package until the client is assured in its efficiency and arrives at a point when he wants to expand it.

Our goal is to give everyone access to the future now!


Advance Security Solution partners with some of the most established companies in the field of building automation, offering a full range of devices and solutions.


By using a Smart home solution, the user will receive comfort, energy efficiency, control and security. The system allows control of heating, air conditioning and ventilation, lighting, all appliances and A/V systems, performs access control and security.

Conventionally this system can be divided into the following components.

Comfort and security

smarthome control

The main controller is the foundation of any building automation system. It enables the connection between the user and the object that is managed through a software interface. The controller connects wirelessly all sensors and devices in the system and on the basis of information from them based on a pre-set scenarios and compared to the momentary needs of the customer, manages the home, office or entire building in the most efficient way.

Scenarios that automate the operation of Smart home, can be preset according to the client’s preferences and needs, there is an opportunity for direct control in real time – by controlling each element of the system via a secure Internet connection. For this purpose any mobile device (Android, iOS) can be used, connected to the global network, and free to use software. The user interface is simple and easy to use and allows free modification and upgrade of the system functions. For local control can be used multifunctional programmable remote controls.

Installation of the main controller occurs in a few easy steps, which are not related to the reconstruction of the managed object. By doing this, the client has a system for automation and complete control of temperature, lighting, entertainment systems and all appliances through centralized management. You can take full control of your property immediately!


Security is ensured through integrated system controlled high magnetic contacts, volumetric sensors, moisture sensors and smoke, digital surveillance cameras, control of entry and garage doors. Your home can really become your fortress.


Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is achieved by using manageable and programmable dimming contacts and relays for all electric consumers and manageable electric valves for water systems. The system has sensors for temperature, light and humidity and makes intelligent decisions, consistent with data from them and the client‘s desires. Built-in reporting features for power consumption allow real-time monitoring and reporting for pre-set periods of time. With these methods a real reduction in energy consumption by up to 20 percent can be achieved.


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