About us

Advance is a company that offers to its customers a full range of professional services in the field of lighting. Our solutions and lighting systems are the result of our participation in every step of the project – from the first meeting with the client, to the installation of the lighting fixtures. We work mostly on a project basis, but over the years we’ve had clients for whom we also make regular deliveries of the lighting equipment they need. We focus on energy-saving lighting, but also on achieving high levels of illumination, light uniformity, comfort and easy service and maintenance of lighting fixtures. In addition to LED luminaires, we also offer solutions with tubular natural light systems (Solar Light Tubes)! In terms of LED lighting, our company is the official representative of the world-famous Austrian group Zumtobel Group (ZG), part of which are manufacturers of LED lighting units and specialized lighting equipment – Zumtobel (AUT), THORN (UK), acdc Lighting (UK), while in the field of natural lighting (Solar Light Tubes) we represent the prestigious Portuguese manufacturer Chatron.