Advance is an official partner of the world-famous Austrian group, manufacturer of lighting products, Zumtobel Group (ZG). As part of this partnership, Advance works with the following brands: Zumtobel (AUT), THORN (UK), acdc Lighting (UK), TRIDONIC, Thorn Eco series. In the field of natural lighting, Advance is official partner of the Portuguese manufacturer of tubular solar systems – CHATRON


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Lighting for the home and the garden


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Linear luminaires

ONDARIA was created by the famous designer Stefan Ambrozus (Koln, Gemrnay). This luminaire is applied in many large-scale projects around the world. This lighting fixture has multiple design awards: RedDot Award winner, Design Aawrd 2018; The design of the ONDARIA lighting fixture perfectly complements many different room concepts. Whether built-in, surface-mounted or applied as a pendant light fixture – its clean geometry enhances the architecture without detracting from the interior style. This makes it equally attractive both for offices and reception areas, as well as for rest areas in office buildings (or coffee drinking places, restaurants, etc) or for highlighting the general lighting in a commercial zone. The round shape of ONDARIA means that it can be positioned arbitrarily and in any direction in a room without disturbing the constant quality of light.

Lighting for the home and the garden


Bright reflections from computer screens are quite irritating and often interfere with important work processes. This is due to the high luminosity that can be effectively avoided using the LRO optics. With a brightness of 3000 cd / m², ONDARIA LRO is the ideal solution for workplaces with screens tilted at a flat angle. In this way, the microprisms direct the light to the work surface, diminishing any risk of glare.
The lighting product has a wide area and provides uniform illumination in the room, imitating that of the sun. Comfortable light distribution and soft shadows create a cozy atmosphere, and brightness activation increases productivity.
The model also has an acoustic version: if needed, we can also offer such a variant: The round large-format version of ONDARIA is optimized to meet the needs of modern offices that have an “open space” character, a loft design or an industrial look. Covered in fabric, the suspended and surface-mounted luminaires feature both a homogeneous light surface and – as an invisible added value – excellent sound absorption. The elegant installation of ONDARIA complements the interior architecture and at the same time creates a pleasant working atmosphere.
ONDARIA has options for three different sizes: diameters 590mm, 870mm, 1150mm, possibility of several types of installation: for installation, suspended suspension; there is a possibility of a product variation with a change of the color temperature – from 3000K to 6000K if this is necessary. At the same time, it is one of the most energy-efficient lighting products – 145lm/W.

The third generation of innovative industrial luminaires model HiPak from Thorn (UK) offers stunning performance and a fascinating return on investment, particularly when High efficiency luminaires replace conventional industrial luminaires; since this is a luminaire with a much higher efficiency than its predecessors, which gives a much faster return than ever before. With two sizes and six lumen options (up to 35,000 lm), the third generation HiPak is an ideal replacement or meant for new installation option for retrofit projects seeking high efficiency. With a wide (WD) and narrow (RK) curve of light distribution and specially designed reflectors, the HiPak is suitable for so many applications. The HiPak enables greater energy savings through DALI versions and the integration of motion and daylight sensors. An Emergency option is also available.


Thorn eco

An extremely high quality and budget friendly product series from Thorn (UK). It can be described by four main points:

• great quality and great price;

• ideal for replacement or upgrading older existing lighting with newer and more modern products;

• easy-to-install;

• sustainable and with long life; The products are positioned around and slightly above the average price and quality class. All fixtures have a 5 (five) year warranty, most are 50000 hours life, low glare levels, very easy and convenient installation/disassembly, as well as options for different types of installation – for recessed installation, for suspension or direct mounting, they have a pretty good appearance, have the ability to adjust the color temperature and light intensity, as well as certain automation options or versions with Emergency. In practice, this series covers every potential lighting project application: it has fixtures for offices (for example LED panels (60X60; 120X30), as well as various variations of spotlights and downlights); Furthermore, the series has products for illumination of parking lots, industrial areas, bathrooms and toilets, homes, parks, gardens or fences.