The concept of a Hybrid system could be defined as the most optimal application of the combination between the available natural light in the building (in our case Solar Tube Lights) and the LED lighting used to illuminate the room. This is the highest level of energy efficiency when speaking about Lighting and Lighting systems. In the context of rising electricity prices, as well as the development of the European Union (EU) “green deal” process, it is only natural to seek savings and optimization in lighting systems, as well as extending their life and adapting them to the work process to such an extent that they are “absolutely invisible” to the users of the building, at the same time requiring the least possible maintenance effort. In this regard, Solar Tubular lighting systems are an excellent solution – they do not need any maintenance as they work alone, it is enough for the sun to rise. And by automating artificial (LED) lighting, we synchronize the two types of systems to work in harmony. Different types of automation are possible, and their complexity is determined by the customer’s needs and budgetary targets.