Natural Lighting of Spaces: Light Solar Tubes

Светловодите са тръбни системи, най-често монтиращи се на покрива на сградата, които осигуряват естествена светлина в помещението през цялата светла част на денонощието

In order for the solar light tubes to function, only one thing is needed – for the sun to rise – and, as we well know, this happens every day. The indisputable advantage of this solution is energy efficiency, but it is also very important to note that the savings in electricity costs with them are also combined with a complete lack of maintenance – once installed, these systems have a life of at least 20-25 years without the need for any special maintenance activities– no cleaning, no replacement of parts, etc., The use of solar light tubes extends the life of artificial lighting fixtures by decreasing the length of their daily operation. Furthermore, solar light tubes let light into the room, but not heat or cold (negligibly low coefficient of heat transfer). And last but not least – the solar light tubes offered by “Advance” have a special filter that stops harmful ultraviolet rays – which harm human health and cause aging of products.


They can be installed in any type of building – private residences, offices, studios, hospitals, hotels, rest stations, parkings, animal farms, warehouses, logistic parks, production halls, etc.

The company emphasizes that when using them at home, the customer gets the comfort and convenience of having natural light at home, but when we talk about larger industrial or administrative spaces, the cost savings are in focus, along with high efficiency. The systems themselves could also be subject to funding under EU operational programs as a fully energy efficient product. It is the aforementioned that makes it so that in Bulgaria the systems are applied mostly in the private sector – in large warehouses, logistics bases and factories. The financial motive is the leading one, but from “Advance” , as professionals in the field, we see a slight lag on the part of the public sector, especially with regard to the health effect of light and lack of application of the systems in this area. Their application in schools, kindergartens, small sports halls, swimming pools and other public facilities can lead to a huge benefit for the users of these facilities.

The application of natural light solar tubes or solar tubes is an excellent solution for introducing light into rooms with low or poor lighting. Pursuing the goals of building energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings, solar light tubes are one of the best possible ways to reduce electrical energy costs, while at the same time increasing comfort and providing healthy living conditions.


these are tubular solar systems. The systems are modular and the exact modules are specified according to the job and site condition. The tubular solar system mainly consists of three main parts – a dome made of very strong and weather-resistant material (including hail). The dome is self-cleaning and does not retain anything; the tube – it can be extended considerably; the inside is covered with a special foil – with a very high reflectivity and a diffuser – it distributes the light evenly. The kits also have additional parts – for example, special corner adapters to bend the pipe without reducing the illumination, or different types of mounting skirts, for a more secure installation and better insulation of the roof and according to the different types of roofs. The tubular solar systems have different tube diameters – 250mm (TS250), 350mm (TS350), 530mm (TS530), 750mm (TS750), and the width of the tube is determined by the geometry of the room (especially the height).

Table with the different models and technical specifications

Solar Light Tube ModelDiameter (mm)Length of the tube* (mm)Clean sky with 120.000 Lux
mesured at 14h
Clean sky with 85.000 Lux mesured at 14h
TS 2502506254.6002.900
TS 3503506259.4006.700
TS 53053062520.00013.000
TS 75075062530.00024.000