Chatron е иновативна португалска компания от индустриалната зона на град Вале ди Камбра (Vale de Cambra) , на около 60 км от град Порто. Компанията присъства на пазара в Португалия, Европа, Азия, Близкия Изток, Африка и Южна Америка от 25 години.

Chatron defines its mission as meeting the needs of the market, seeking true innovation in the production of equipment, products and systems for the use of energy and sunlight. Their solutions are efficient, economical and with added value for the end customer. All this by offering the highest standards of product quality and vision.


The values ​​that the company professes are:

• Sustainability – in search of optimal economic development, Chatron always takes into account the protection of the environment;

• Innovation – for the company, the best way to realize innovative ideas is to strive to distinguish yourself from other companies in the industry and to work and promote progress.

• Customer-oriented – according to Chatron: customers are the ones who “push” us forward and therefore deserve our greatest attention.

• Excellent product quality – the company’s goal is to develop all its products in the best and most efficient way;

• Honesty – a top value for the company – always strives to be honest and open with everyone – customers, partners, suppliers and others.


The main product of the Chatron company is natural lighting systems. Different names are usually used to name these systems: light guides, light tunnels, solar or light pipes, but their main task is always to capture and bring the natural sunlight into closed indoor spaces in the most optimal way, without significantly changing the thermal balance in building and blocking harmful UV rays. Chatron is a manufacturer of some of the most advanced light guides in close collaboration with Portuguese and European universities and technology centers.